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What is Pickleball

Learn about one of the Fastest Growing Sports in the USA

Have you wondered what all the Pickleball craze is about? Watch this brief introduction to what Pickleball is and why it is growing so fast. Go to to learn more about Pickleball and how it is played.

The Origins of Pickleball: How It All Began

Ever wonder how this amazing game that you love so much got started? Well, don’t miss this episode of I ♥ Pickleball! Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to go to Bainbridge Island, the birthplace of the sport, to speak with one of the founders of pickleball, Barney McCallum.

Pickleball: The fastest growing sport you've never heard of...

One of the fastest growing sports in America involves a court and a net. And, no, it's not tennis or badminton, it's pickleball. Yes, that pickleball, the one your grandma plays, and the one you may consider beneath your athletic pay grade. Time to rethink that.

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