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At Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association we enjoy the fun, exercise, and the social aspects of our

fast-growing Pickleball community.

We are all learning together!

We host several big Pickleball Tournaments here on Camano Island throughout the summer. Players attend from all over the region. We also have a Tournaments at Darnell’s Resort on beautiful

Lake Chelan in the Fall of each year

Monday nights in the summer we have clinics to improve and learn all aspects of the fun sport of Pickleball, for all ability levels. 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

For Clinic Information: Barb Parobec  

425-319-2365 or

For more general information about Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association or joining this ragtag fun-loving group of players check us out on Facebook or email us through the CONTACT US page of this site.

Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association
Code of Conduct

Our Mission is to create a unique Pickleball opportunity where beginners and veterans are treated equally, sportsmanship is more important than wins and losses, competition is strong,

but not relentless and where people are more important than the game.

Facilities and equipment


  • Everyone’s help to keep the courts and surrounding area as clean as possible is greatly appreciated.

  • Everyone’s help during set-up and tear-down of the courts is expected and greatly appreciated.

  • Treat the nets and all shared-use equipment with reasonable care to avoid unnecessary damage.

Sportsmanship and behavior on and around the courts


  • It is everyone’s responsibility to make new players feel welcome and to help them learn the game.

  • Avoid overly aggressive play towards beginner or lower skill level players; consider tailoring your play to the levels of your opponents.

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times when playing or observing games and encourage others to do the same

  • Control your temper on the court at all times.  Conduct yourself in a respectful manner and show others the same courtesies you would like to have shown to you.

  • Do not criticize your partner or other players, nor fault them for their mistakes.

  • Do not celebrate points excessively.  Always apply a sense of reasonableness to the matter, keeping the “fun” in the game.

  • Be considerate of others in your on- and off-court communication.  Avoid shouting or verbal outbursts which are distracting to your opponent and to players on other courts.

  • Avoid the use of profanity on or near the courts.

  • Avoid walking behind, beside, or entering a court while a rally is in progress.


  • Members may report by email or written letter any incidents of misconduct or code violations to any Director of the Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association. 

  • A full description of the incident or incidents, including dates and any specific details that may help the Board in their review, must be submitted.

  • All complaints shall remain anonymous and confidential to the general membership.

  • Board member(s) will review, report, and interview any and all concerned members including the accused code violator.

  • Board members, by a majority vote, will determine if a code violation has occurred.

  • The code violator will have an opportunity to appeal to the full Board of Directors in person or in writing prior to the Board's decision to impose a consequence.

  • If it is determined a code violation or other misconduct has occurred, the full Board of Directors will choose from the following consequences based on the severity of the violation.

    • Written warning,

    • 2-week suspension,

    • 6-month suspension,

    • Or an indefinite suspension of all future club membership and privileges.

  • Link to form to file a Code of Conduct Violation

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