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CSPA Ball Machine

Conditions of Use

Updated 7/20/2023


CSPA has purchased a Lobster II ball machine and supporting equipment to facilitate skills development for our members. Current CSPA Members will be allowed to check out and use the ball machine under the following conditions:

1. Members must be trained on how to safeguard, use and care for the ball machine by :

a) Attend a Ball Machine Introduction Class, check for these classes on

b) Read and agree to the Conditions of Use (this document)

c) View the Lobster II Operation video

After completing training, members will :

  • Get the 4 digit Equipment Shed Code from the Ball Machine Class Instructor. Do not share the code with other members that have not been trained or non-members

  • Be invited to a WhatsApp Group for CSPA Drill Ball Machine.  The WhatsApp group will be used to communicate combo changes, equipment updates, etc.

  • Be assigned a 'Ball Machine' badge on their CSPA website profile ( and  access the ball machine reservation system (Google Calendy)  and

  • Be able to reserve and run ball machine drill sessions with other CSPA members, even if they have not been trained

2. The ball machine and charging equipment is stored in the small shed at the Camano Courts. The ball machine and equipment must stay at the Camano Courts and is not allowed to be taken to another location

3. Trained Members are limited to one reservation (1 hour) per day, and no more than 3 reservations per week

4.  Ball machine reservations can be booked up to two weeks in advance 

3. The ball machine may not be reserved for sessions during the  ‘Island County Preferred Use Times’ as follows:

  • Sun-Fri from 8am - 2:30pm, Tennis and CSPA Open Play

  • Sat from 8am – 2:30pm CSPA Round Robins

  • CSPA Tournaments, Clinics, Classes and Events

Information on How to RESERVE the Ball Machine (available after you complete the class)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Reserving the Ball Machine does not guarantee that a court will be available at that time.  Please recall that Camano courts are public courts and cannot be reserved.  It is recommended you check Playtime scheduler and set up a coinciding PlaytimeScheduler session to let other players know how 'busy' the courts may be. Please set up equipment to not interfere with players already on the court and/or sort out how to cooperate with other players.

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