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Club Member Reviews: Omega Evolution Extreme X  


November 2022 sent our club, Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association, two omega paddles for our members to try out. Here are some member reviews for the Omega Evolution Extreme X .

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I’m currently an intermediate level player and I’ve only used two different paddles so far. I was excited to try out the Omega paddle as it is an elongated paddle.  I was interested to see if the longer paddle would help extend my reach, as I’m height challenged at just over 5’.  While I liked the extra reach, the longer paddle does take some getting used to for quick hands in a heated volley battle at the NVZ. The paddle felt solid with good power for ground strokes but still has a surprisingly responsive feel for drops and dinking,  even though it is heavier than my current paddle, a Prokennex Kinetic Ovation Flight paddle.  I’m not ready to trade my Kinetic paddle in for an Omega Evolution Extreme X, but I might consider it in the future.

- Lynne K

From the outset, the Engage Omega Evolution Extreme X has been an amazing paddle!   As soon as I grabbed the paddle, it felt great in my hand, not too heavy, not too light, but well balanced and ready for action. After a few dinks and volleys, I said to myself, “Wow, this racket feels responsive and accurate.”


I discovered this paddle had great control, balance and spin.  Amazingly, off the sweet spot I was still able to generate power.  For longer shots and drives, I felt  control without losing power. For overheads, I was able to generate some snap and pop!  Power is quick and available.  And for players who have plenty of power but need more control, this paddle delivers.


The Omega just felt right in my hands.  I was able to find the bevels quickly.   For my one-handed backhand, locating the bevel was quick and easy.  With a continental grip for my one-handed backhand, I was able to generate offensive power with generous under spin.


Players who are looking for more accuracy, control, and spin without sacrificing power could find the Omega Evolution Extreme X a perfect selection.  For power players, this paddle does the job.  The Omega Evolution Extreme X is certainly a paddle I would confidently have in my arsenal. This paddle delivers!    


 - Davie B.

I was very impressed with the Omega Evolution Extreme X paddle’s handling and power.  The extra length of the grip works well with the looser grip that I attempt to maintain in most of my shots.  This paddle made me much more confident that I can redirect the ball with just slight grip angle adjustments.  The paddle surface helped me to accentuate my backhand side spins and seems to put a bit of extra drop on my topspins.  Power on the serve was easy to dial up and down and I attribute that to the responsive core material.  I usually ‘cup’ the paddle to control my lob placement and found the Omega paddle worked well for getting those shots airborne and to the targeted area of the court.  Cross court dinking is very controllable, and the extra size helps me with more ‘gets’.  Overall, I think this is a great paddle for a player like me who is concentrating on consistency.

- Bob C.

I recently had the opportunity to play a few hours of competitive pickleball with the Engage Omega Evolution Extreme X. My first observation is the extended handle length allowing more flexibility through a range of shots. The grip texture felt like attaching the other side of Velcro, as commented by a few other players and myself between games, further adding to the control offered by the paddle. Those with larger hands might consider an additional grip wrap. The light weight of the paddle is deceptive as it can still deliver the power I am used to. From the outset, the carbon fiber skin felt like an ultra-light sandpaper and enhanced spins and overall ball control to a great degree. I tend to serve hard and the Extreme enabled me to lay the ball low on the court after bouncing on the opposing side. It also did not take much effort to get fast put-away shots even with the added control this paddle offers. That is important to me as I am a power player who uses the control dinks and drops offer to offset the power players facing me. All-in, a great paddle that feels like an extension of your own arm, showing control and spins when you need them and power when you demand it.

- Stephen M.

I am a new pickleball player and while I have been learning the game, I have used a beginners paddle I bought on Amazon.  It seemed to be working fine, but when I got the opportunity to try to Omega Evolution Extreme, I realized what a difference a good paddle could make.  The Evolution Extreme just felt better.  My shots with it were more consistent and I had had better control.  The ball reacted better to spin shots, and I could hit more consistently on both soft and hard shots.  The ball felt solid coming off the paddle’s face.  I liked the longer handle, versus my current paddle, plus the squared-off handle felt better in my hand.  



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