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CSPA & Playtime Scheduler

CSPA utilizes Playtime Scheduler to streamline player sign-ups for its Open Play/Challenge sessions, Social Events, Clinics, and Classes. Playtime Scheduler is offered to users at no cost. Additionally, players have the option to utilize PTScheduler to arrange their own public or private sessions. However, we request that player sessions not be scheduled during reserved hours or CSPA Sessions at the Camano Courts and Heritage Park. Further details are provided below.

Go to PlaytimeScheduler (

Playtime Scheduler Tips

Getting Started
  • Register for an account at

    • Set your rating* 

    • A free account is fine to start with

    • Registration Hint: the numeric starting score of a doubles pickleball game is: 0 0 2

  • Set your 'Region' to Camano/Stanwood to view sessions for the Camano Pickleball and Tennis Courts and Stanwood Heritage Park Courts

*Rating - We suggest that you set your rating to the closest number to your current DUPR score, or use this skills assessment guide to set your rating.

Signup for a Session
  • You can signup for sessions that fit your rating and are not an invite only session

Create your own Session
  • You can add your own session(s)  by specifying:

    • How many players

    • The rating range of players (optional)

    • Date and Time

Please do not schedule sessions at the Camano Courts during Tennis or CSPA Hours: Sunday-Friday 8:00am-2:30pm,

Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm

  • Wait list Option: you can let additional players add their name to a wait list, in case your session fills up

  • Invite Only Session Option: you can limit the session to a list of players, but, you'll miss out on meeting new players!


NOTE: PlaytimeScheduler does not guarantee that courts will be reserved and available. Please keep court capacity in mind when creating a session

Other Tips
  • You  can add notes for a session

  • A paid account allows you some extra features such as:

    • add a session to your calendar

    • hide private sessions or sessions outside of your rating, etc

  • You can control session notification emails in your settings

Learn more about Playtime Scheduler at

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