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Skill Development

Classes and Clinics to help improve your game.

More programs will be coming in the Spring of 2023.



Nov 2022: CSPA sent a skills development survey to the club members to help improve our SD offerings. 

Introduction to Pickleball

2 day sessions offered March through July

Glenna Clendenen will lead a FREE two-tiered newbie/beginner program. These classes are for club members and non-members that know little or nothing about pickleball. When players complete these two classes, they will be ready to begin to play recreational pickleball and move on to other classes offered. These classes run Sunday and Monday from 3 pm to 5 pm: March 19, 20 April 16, 17 May 21, 22 June 18, 19 July 16, 17 The limit is 8 participants per session and is first come first serve for anybody interested in learning about Pickleball. Sign up via Playtime Scheduler- Camano Courts. Contact Glenna for more information at:

Work your Way from Beginner (2.25) to Novice 2.75

10 week course starts April 6

Doug Shafer, Certified PPR Coach will lead this FREE 10-week course that starts Thursday April 6th and runs every Thursday until June 8th from 1-3 pm at the Camano Pickleball and Tennis Courts. This skill development and play course is designed to get beginner players to novice level, so they can feel comfortable playing in open play and round robins. Each week is a different topic. The limit is 8 participants per week and is first come first serve FOR CSPA MEMBERS ONLY. Signup at PlaytimeScheduler

Mentor Mondays

Sessions resume March 27!

Monday is Mentor Day! Mentor sessions are held at 1:00pm. Mentors are Diane O'Neill, Gordy Holmes, Lynne Koyamatsu, Kelley Kanehan, Scott Glowaski, Jill Garcia, Paul Matthewson and Rick Clendenen. These mentors run drills, and play together with you to guide your play. Single Player Option: Individuals can signup with mentors to work in small groups of players. Sign up on Sign Up Genius. Fill out the “Mentor Assistance Form.” This will let us know your skill level and what you want to work on. Multiple Player Option (New): Assemble a group of 3 or 4 members that want to do a session together. Let Rick, know who your group may want as a mentor, what is the skill level of your group and what your group would like to work on. Special times, other than Mondays, may be accommodated. Send your request to: treasurer@camanopickleball.comSessions

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