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2023 St Paddy's Day Round robin

On Saturday, March 11th, 2023, forty-eight players took to the indoor courts at Lincoln High School, Stanwood WA.


This light, fun round robin individual tournament opens the 2023 CSPA season of fun.


There were three divisions: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of the divisions had two pools of eight for seven games. The top two players in each pool played a final round robin of three additional games.


Novice Top Four: Brenda Hadwin - Gold, Kathy Pace - Silver, Curtis Fukushima - Runner Up, Sharon Arrivey - Runner up


Intermediate Top Four: Sue Harbour - Gold, Brenda Morrow - Silver, Merry Seely - Runner Up, Gordon Shaw - Runner Up


Advanced Top Four: Dani Cooper – Gold, Paul Greiner - Silver, Mike Hinton - Runner Up, Jeff Petermeyer - Runner Up


St Paddy’s Tournament Crew: Doug Shafer, Tournament Director, Diane O’Neill, Mentor to TD, Rick

Clendenen, Brenda Morrow, Gordy Holmes, Carolann Mickels, Kevin Flynn.



Wishing you a rainbow For sunlight after showers— Miles and miles of Irish smiles For golden happy hours— Shamrocks at your doorway For luck and laughter too, And a host of friends that never ends Each day your whole life through.


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