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Labor Day King/Queen of the Court


 A full house of 40 players (2 sessions) turned out to play in this year's CSPA Labor Day Tournament.  This year's event featured a new format with 2 rounds of Round Robin play.  The initial round started with 4 groups of 5 players. Each group was seeded with higher and lower ranked players from the session. In the second medal round,  the players were re-grouped based on their win/loss record from the first round.  The top ranked player in each of the the medal round group was crowned 'King' or 'Queen' of the court.   The unique format afforded the opportunity to play with a wider skill range of players as well as players with similar skill level.

Many thanks to  Carolann  Mickels, Paul Matthewson, Diane ONeill and other helpers for running a full day of fun, competitive pickleball.

B and T.jpg

CSPA Members Brenda Hadwin  and Tim Jones ready for action.

Tim, the humor writer for the Crab Cracker, wrote about his experience in his View from the Bleachers Column.

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