I want to donate through the Camano Pickleball Club

I understand that Camano Pickleball is NOT a federally registered charitable organization. 

By completing this donation transaction here, I give permission for Camano Pickleball to forward my funds to the

Stanwood/Camano Food Bank "Pickleball Matching Funds Drive". 

I acknowledge that I will NOT receive a charitable donation receipt from the Camano Pickleball Club. ​​

The membership fee donation portion of our campaign ended June 15th. So now we start the next phase of fundraising to assist those in need of basic food and supplies during this crisis.


Some of our members came forward and wanted to do more. As a result, we have set up a Matching Funds Donation Drive.  Any amount you choose to donate from June 16th- forward will go towards the Matching Funds campaign. So, it’s simple…..we raise $2,000 and BAM!....these generous donors will match it for a total of $4,000 going to help the Food Bank continue to feed those in need during this pandemic.  The need continues to grow each day.

With donations made directly to the Food Bank, our TOTAL is now $1,225 (08/28)