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YOU MUST be a current year, paid Member to access the reservation system - SignUP Genius

Please take time to read these and respect the measures we are taking to insure

the safety of our members and to comply with the State and County requirements

Camano Pickleball Fun Tournament july 13




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ahhhh....the good old days!

Please, you MUST be a 2020-2021 member of Camano Pickleball to use
our club equipment & reserve a court during our scheduled play hours. 

We will start with only four (4)  of the outside courts during scheduled play hours.

To follow these guidelines and to minimize the number of players

at the courts we will be using a court reservation system (SignUp Genius).

If you are NOT a current paid member, you will not have access to the SignUp Genius schedule.

To begin play and to hopefully insure access to the courts by all players,

we will limit the number of sessions per player, limit the number of sessions per day,

the number of days per week, and the advance registration period.

Your Camano Pickleball Committee will be closely monitoring the schedule and will make

adjustments to allow for more play based on how we follow our guidelines

and to keep the safety of the players as our primary concern. 

Adjustments will be made based on how busy the courts are and

what the members would like to see improved.  We want to help our Club get

back to playing and having fun, while following the best safety practices.


SignUp Genius is restricted to current year, paid Members of the Camano Pickleball Club

You can download the simple instructions from here, but it's pretty user friendly!




  • You may reserve one (1) session per day

  • Up to five (5) days per week

  • Up to one (1) week in advance